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Your Neighborhood Restaurant & Café

Nûrish is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant and café, with locations nestled in the heart of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and Jersey City, New Jersey. We provide flavorful, nutritious and affordable cuisine for all. 

Our food Nûrishes, energizes, uplifts, empowers and rejuvenates. The circumflex (  ̂  ) on the "u" in Nûrish points up and symbolizes how our food uplifts you to thrive, excel and seize the day. We want you to flourish while indulging in our meals. 

We believe that great tasting, beautifully crafted food should be routinely accessible to all. Our mission requires experience, talent and plenty of love. Nûrish was brought to fruition by owner Elijah Bah through industry expertise and community building. 

We want this to be a neighborhood spot to build community and consume consistently amazing food. 

With Love, 


Latte being poured into cup
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