Your Neighborhood Spot

Nûrish: a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly café with sustainable meat options— 

providing flavorful, nutritious, often organic, and affordable cuisine for Brooklyn and all. 

Excite your taste buds while Nûrishing your mind and body. We make clean, healthy food really tasty for you to enjoy and to be the best you. Among other delights, join us for premium roasted coffee or organic green juices & smoothies; leisurely brunches with acai bowls, avocado toast, oatmeal, and poached eggs; signature and make-your-own warm-grain bowls and salads with options of salmon, shrimp, and seasonal toppings; hummus, tempeh, portobello mushroom, and farm-raised-roasted chicken wraps; a place to sit and work; a thoughtful conversation; and community. We Nûrish you to feel optimal throughout the day with rejuvenating, satisfying food and an inviting, comfortable environment whenever you come in: you're home.             

We're in this together, Brooklyn and World! The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and has impacted every aspect of all of our lives. But we are stronger together. With love and community, we can turn this experience into something positive. Let's stay healthy and resilient!  

We really appreciate your support. We will remain open as long as we can for pick-up and delivery! Thank you!