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Why Nûrish?

At Nûrish, our purpose is to create affordable, tasty, and nutritious food that Nûrishes, energizes, uplifts, empowers, and rejuvenates you. The circumflex (ˆ) on the "u" in Nûrish points up and symbolizes how our food lifts you up: to thrive, excel, and seize the day. We want you to flourish after eating here and believe that great tasting, beautifully crafted, nutritious food should be routinely accessible. We want you to feel good physically and holistically after dining at Nûrish. This is a simple mission that requires experience, talent, and plenty of love. With Elijah's seventeen-plus years working at and successfully managing a popular healthy-eats café, he has achieved the expertise and community know-how to sufficiently meet these requirements. He has surrounded himself with a team ready to Nûrish you past satisfaction.

Explore our vegetarian-, vegan-, and omnivore-friendly menu to find something that suits your appetite: freshly brewed, gourmet coffee; organic made-to-order fruit & vegetable juices and smoothies; wholesome, personalized grain-bowls and salads; healthful, scrumptious wraps and sandwiches; or breakfast and brunch at any time of the day. 

We want this to be the neighborhood spot to build community and get consistently amazing food. 


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