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Elijah M. Bah came to this country at age fourteen from the West African country of Guinea. He settled in the Bronx, NY with an uncle but soon found himself on his own. He eventually moved to Brooklyn, where he resides today. Even before receiving his high school diploma, Elijah worked full time in the restaurant business, preparing and serving food while charming his customers to such a degree that he was given the moniker—the mayor of Park Slope. 

Elijah spent about a decade working at a popular healthy-eats restaurant where he became a manager, and soon after, a partner. As his business IQ rose and as he continued making the restaurant more profitable each year, he determined that he had outgrown this arrangement and sought out new prospects.  

After accepting a one-year contract with a group of investors in need of a point-man to set up and launch their waterfront Eastern Long Island restaurant and working as a consultant for a Park Slope macrobiotic establishment, he decided to open Nûrish to provide affordable, tasty, healthy, vegetarian-, vegan-, and omnivore-friendly food to his beloved Brooklyn community.

Come in and meet Elijah, where he'll be working the kitchen and café with the Nûrish team. 

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